Monthly Archives: December 2013

Broken Pieces


When you truly love someone, when you truly give everything to another person, what your actually doing is giving them a piece of your heart.

Your inviting them to enter into the most sacred of places we as humans have to offer someone else. When you truly love someone, it is a selfless love. And when that love is betrayed or misused, you loose that part of your heart that that person and that love once held.

For a long time I thought that feelings of loneliness, longing and total despair were feelings that I was having for the actual person that I lost. But now I know that these feelings are actually mourning that part of myself that their selfish love stole from me. When someone who you love takes for granted the most precious gift you can offer, it leaves an emptiness inside you.

Sometimes, if I hold still enough, I can actually feel the emptiness inside me. It can take my breath away and make it actually painful to breathe. And even though every part of my body is telling me to let go and cry, I can’t. I can’t because I fear if I let the tears come out, not only will the emptiness and pain become unbearable but that the tears may never stop.

When you give someone a selfless kind of love and it is taken away, you are left in pieces of the person you were before. You quite literally are, heartbroken….