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Passion, Desire and a Sociopath


I thought we were happy as can be, in fact we had been looking at houses, talking about marriage, even picked out a ring! All the demons that had haunted our past seemed as though they were finally going away. I thought “finally, after all the pain and struggle, we were finally going to be happy together.” But I was wrong.

He became more and more distant to me the more that I tried to make him happy, it only seemed only make him more unhappy. I tried doing everything and anything I could think of to make him smile. I tried doing his laundry, I tried cooking dinner, I took care the dog, I even picked up his dry cleaning. I became more of a maid then a girlfriend. I’d try to do anything to make his life as easy as possible so that our relationship would get back to where I thought it was happy.

After weeks of giving him space giving everything I could, including my dignity, I was dying inside for attention and love he finally sat me down for one of the worst conversations I’ve ever had.

I just don’t have any passion or desire for you anymore.”

I listened to all that my ex had to say. Everything from how he didn’t have feelings for anything and felt numb to the world. In that conversation I felt bit and pieces of my self-esteem being ripped away. I sat there crying and all while he just sat and looked at me smirking.

For months I had tried everything in my power to make this man happy. No not just months, but for the last 5 years, I had done whatever I could to make him happy. I lost friendships, damaged family relationships, misses out on huge life events all for him. And now all I got in return was a smirk from a sociopath.